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Large law firms can provide a personal injury victim with extensive experience and aggressive representation. At the Law Offices of Steve Sanders L.C. in Kansas City, Missouri, we provide clients with these same qualities, yet also give them the personalized, attentive service that is characteristic of a smaller firm.

Specific areas of our practice include auto accidents, truck accidents, products liability, gun accidents,nursing home negligence/abuse, injuries to children, worker’s compensation, and drunk driver accident injuries.

Many law firms will tell you that they are seeking “justice” for their clients. At the Law Offices of Steve Sanders L.C. we share this same philosophy, but take it a step further. Our lead attorney, Steve Sanders has a background in theological education and abides by a moral code as it relates to the American legal system. Thus, our firm does not think of “justice” in strictly monetary terms, rather we see “justice” as obtaining the full compensation our clients need to rebuild and move forward with their lives.

In managing your case, we employ a team-oriented strategy. We understand how a serious injury or the death of a loved one can force you to focus on recovering both physically and emotionally. While you attend to those all-important matters, we will take on the responsibility of establishing, settling, or litigating your personal injury case. For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation, please contact us at (816) 425-2241.


Missouri lawmakers are hard at work continuing to strengthen DUI laws:

  • Missouri became the 18th state to require the installation of ignition interlock devices for all individuals convicted of driving under the influence.
  • Lawmakers created a statewide centralized reporting system that tracks, from arrest to conviction, all drunk driving offenses.
  • Lawmakers established DWI courts that monitor repeat offenders and those convicted of driving with high BAC levels.
  • Lawmakers passed a law prohibiting expungement of a first-time drunk driving conviction if there is another alcohol-related incident on record or a pending alcohol-related action.
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